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My Crown fell out! What should I do?


What do you do if your crown falls out? If your crown does become dislodged it’s important to know how to handle the situation.

My Crown fell out! What should I do?2021-10-01T12:53:53-07:00

Is Drinking Carbonated Water Harmful to Your Teeth? 


Is the satisfying fizz of your sparkling water damaging your tooth enamel (the outer hard layer of your or teeth where cavities form) putting you at risk for tooth decay?

Is Drinking Carbonated Water Harmful to Your Teeth? 2021-06-28T10:58:20-07:00

What to do When a Child Breaks a Tooth?


Bruises, scrapes, broken bones, and broken and knocked-out teeth happen, but being prepared can help not only reduce stress and anxiety but also help prevent more serious oral damage by taking the right steps in treating the injury. 

What to do When a Child Breaks a Tooth?2021-06-24T19:56:37-07:00

Are You Drinking Enough Water?


All living things need water to survive. In terms of overall wellness drinking water daily is essential to your overall health including your oral health. We hear it often, drink more water, but do you really know why? Let us break down some of the main reasons why drinking water is so beneficial. HYDRATION Our [...]

Are You Drinking Enough Water?2021-06-25T12:39:50-07:00

Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners


Meditaton can help reduce the thoughts that cause anxiety and bring a feeling of calm and blance allowing you to focus, be productive and make contructive decisions.

Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners2021-06-24T18:55:32-07:00

Anxiety & Your Oral Health and Tips for Self-Care


Did you know that mental health can greatly impact your oral health? Issues such as depression, stress, and anxiety can affect the integrity of your teeth.  Stress can spike the stress hormone cortisol which can weaken the immune system, which makes it easier for bacteria to invade the gums and cause inflammation The most common [...]

Anxiety & Your Oral Health and Tips for Self-Care2021-06-24T18:50:50-07:00
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