Like any oral health care tool like a toothbrush or dental floss, they are most effective when they are used correctly. Many wonder if a gum stimulator can be a benefit to their oral health care routine. Here we discuss gum stimulators, do they work? How do you use them? 

First, what is a gum stimulator? 

A gum stimulator is a dental tool you can purchase at your local drugstore, it has a rubber cone-shaped tip and most packages come with replacement tips as well.

The purpose of this tool is to stimulate the gum tissue, enhance blood circulation and exercise the gums. Another benefit, it assists in removing plaque that can build along the gum line, therefore helping with cavity and gum disease prevention.

Gum Stimulators and extra tips are available in the oral care aisle in drugstores

How do you use a gum stimulator? 

Think of it as a spa treatment for your gums.

You will want to massage the tissue front to back, and most importantly be gentle!

  • Run the rubber tip of the gum stimulator under hot water to soften it for gentler use.
  • Slide the pointed tip of the stimulator just below the line, placing the edge of the tool against the tooth’s enamel and move the tool by outlining the gum line back and forth 3 times per tooth. Attached is a video that shows you the process. 
  • You can also run the stimulator between your teeth to remove any remaining food debris.

Caring for your gum stimulator

Make sure to clean your gum stimulator well after each use with a mix of two parts hydrogen peroxide and one-part water. 

Easy and effective!

This is an easy technique and can even be done while watching TV! If you have weak gums or have been diagnosed with gum disease, this can work wonders in helping them heal and strengthen. If you have healthy gums, this is a great way to prevent infection and gingivitis from forming. 

Dental care is all about the prevention of disease and this is one tool in your toolbox you can use to take good care of your gums. 

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