We know how challenging a time it is for everyone at the moment and hope that you are all making the best choices and self-isolating, social distancing and keeping yourself and the people you love safe. 

Outdoor Activities and Indoor Games

Now that it is spring and the weather is improving more and more people are turning to outdoor activities and individual sports such as skateboarding or rollerblading to keep active and get some well needed fresh air while still maintaining the social distancing recommendations.

Social Media has allowed us to see some pretty creative ways people are keeping themselves and their children busy and entertained. One video online showed an obstacle course a parent made for his young son in the house that included climbing and jumping over a variety of pieces of furniture. While the main reactions to this posts were ones of delight, because it certainly did look like fun and it is always comforting to see children giggle, caused me to squirm in my seat with worry. I was very concerned that this sweet little guy was going to misstep, fall and hit is teeth! This could cause a serious dental emergency which could be challenging to treat during this time. 

Please Wear a Mouth Guard!

We can’t stress enough that if you are going to take part in individual outdoor sports or play any indoor games that may have the potential to cause any trauma to your mouth or teeth to please wear a mouthguard. If you don’t have one, it may be best to choose a different activity to help avoid accidents that you may not be able to seek the proper medical attention to treat during this challenging time. 

Why Mouth Guards are Important

They help prevent chipped, broken and knocked out teeth. They also protect your lips, tongue and face by redistributing the force from a blow to the head. While a mouthguard won’t prevent a concussion, it can seriously reduce the severity of the injury. 

If you are looking for some other activity ideas here are 50 activities for kids that contain both crafts and games , these can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor fun. (from “It’s always Autumn)