Complete Exam

Our first exam starts with a comprehensive medical and dental history, any necessary photos or radiographs, and a digital chart of your teeth. We provide each new patient with a comprehensive assessment that includes an oral cancer screening, an examination of the jaw joint, assessment of tooth and periodontal health, and evaluation of oral hygiene.

From this we can work with you on a treatment plan that best suits your needs. We will provide estimates and submit any paperwork required to your insurance provide on your behalf.

The first exam for a child is suited to the individual child’s needs. The dentist will provide a thorough assessment and discuss proper dental care and healthy diet habits with you and your child. We are usually able to complete a cleaning at the same visit as the initial exam, with yours and your child’s consent.

Restorative Dentistry


We provide fillings in a variety of materials (gold, composite, glass ionomer, and amalgam). We will consult with you about the pros and cons of each and make a decision which best suits your restorative needs.

Learn more on the Canadian Dental Association website.

Crowns and Bridges

R.V. Tucker Gold Study Club, Saanich

Dr. Watt is a member of the Saanich RV Tucker Gold Study Club and is excited to be able to provide quality gold restorations that could last you a lifetime.

Root Canals

Following trauma or if a tooth has abscessed, it may require a root canal. We use current, conservative, and effective techniques to complete simple root canals. If the anatomy of a tooth requires the attention of a specialist, we are happy to refer you to one of our exceptionally qualified endodontists.


Oral Cancer Screening

We provide an oral cancer screening as part of your exam each time you see the dentist. We check your head and neck for anything unusual and refer you to your GP or an oral medicine specialist where indicated.

Digital Radiographs

We have brand new, up-to-date digital radiograph equipment and software so that we can obtain clear, diagnostic images while minimizing radiation exposure.

Fluoride Treatments

The benefits of fluoride for preventing decay are well-supported by science. We offer a fluoride varnish as a routine fluoride treatment. We also have SDF (silver-diamine-fluoride): a fluoride solution that can stop early decay in its tracks. We are happy to discuss your fluoride options with you, and if you choose not to use fluoride we will discuss alternatives to minimize your decay risk.


Teeth often develop with deep pits and grooves in their chewing surfaces. The placement of a dental sealant shortly after the eruption of permanent teeth can be very effective in preventing decay on the biting surface of the tooth. We use a glass ionomer material that is resistant to decay.

Sports Guards

Are you active in a contact sport or any sport with the potential of a hit to the mouth? It is so important to protect your teeth: you only get one permanent set! We can make you a custom sports guard so you can keep your winning smile.

Night Guard/Brux Guard

For people who clench or grind their teeth, we can provide appliances to wear at night to protect your teeth from the wear and forces of clenching and grinding.


Are you missing teeth and interested in having them replaced with dental implants? We work with local specialists in treatment planning, placing, and restoring implants. Implants are the ‘gold standard’ in tooth replacement. Once placed, an implant is expected to last a lifetime!


We provide simple extractions of both primary and permanent teeth. Complicated extractions are referred to an oral surgeon.

Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD)

An examination of your jaw joint and the muscles surrounding your jaw will be done at every “checkup” appointment. For people who clench or grind their teeth, we can provide appliances to wear at night to protect your teeth from the wear and forces of clenching and grinding. We work with physiotherapists and massage therapists for people who have pain or other dysfunction in their jaws. More complicated cases may be referred to an oral medicine specialist.

You can learn more about all of the services we provide at the Canadian Dental Association’s website.


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