If you’re heading out on a summer vacation or taking a road trip, make sure you’re keeping your teeth and gums healthy along the way. Here are a few tips for keeping good oral hygiene while travelling.

1. Travel Size

Having compact oral hygiene products on hand makes it more likely for you to use them. It will make them more easily accessible especially on a flight. Opt for foldable toothbrushes, mini toothpaste and small bottles of mouthwash. If you’ll be on a long flight, keep these in your purse so you can freshen up easily.

2. Ventilate your Toothbrush

Not only do we need good ventilation, but so does your toothbrush! A toothbrush holder without holes for ventilation can keep moisture locked inside, which can cause bacteria to grow. Keep your toothbrush in a large enough container to circulate air.

3. Keep your Toothbrush Dry

As stated in number 2, moisture breeds bacteria. So, when you land at your destination unpack your toothbrush and leave it out to dry. 

4. Only Use the Water you Would Drink 

If you’re travelling somewhere you can’t drink the water from the tap, don’t use it to brush your teeth either. Use bottled or treated water for your oral hygiene if you’re travelling somewhere with unsafe water.

5. Pass the Gum

Travelling sometimes means waiting a long time until you would normally like to brush your teeth. Keep your mouth as clean as possible by using sugarless gum after eating. Green tea can also protect your teeth, so bring some tea bags in your carry-on or purse. 

6. In case of Emergency

Keep your dentist’s phone number or business card on you. You’d be surprised by how many dental emergencies can be resolved over the phone. If you require immediate assistance, your hotel’s concierge can also recommend a good dentist as well as your travel insurance provider, the company’s hotline can refer you to a qualified professional.

You can enjoy some rest and relaxation as well as keep up with your oral care stress-free! Even if you forget your toothpaste you can still brush with clean water until you can grab a tube at a local convenience store. 

Wishing you safe and fun travels!